Question : What is the distributor warranty?

Response :

Should your product break down within the warranty period, please contact us at +65 6508 4639, or email us at sgsc@groupebrandt.com to schedule a servicing appointment.

Brandt offers standard warranty against manufacturer's defects for 2 years.

Question : Where can I get my appliance repaired while it is still under warranty?

Response :

Please contact us at +65 6508 4639 or email us at sgsc@groupebrandt.com. 

Question : Where can I get my appliance repaired when it is no longer under warranty?

Response :

If you do not have a preferred technical expert, feel free to contact us at +65 6508 4639 for servicing. 

Question : Where can I register for warranty?

Response :

Submit in your warranty card via mail, or log on to: http://www.groupebrandtwarranty.com/ to register online!

Question : What information is required for warranty registration?

Response :


Email address


Contact numbers

Date of Purchase

Place of Purchase

Site of Purchase

Appliance Model Number

Serial Number

If the information you are looking for is not listed, you can also contact us:

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