Question : Where can I register for warranty for my new Brandt product?

Response :

Warranty can be registered online via www.brandtwarranty.com or by mail through a warranty card provided with your new appliance. 

Question : How long does my warranty last?

Response :

Brandt offers a standard 2 years warranty against manufacturer's defects for all appliances. However, induction motors (for products featuring induction motors), are able to enjoy 10 years warranty for motor defects.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Faults that arise of negligence, willful abuse or improper use by persons other than authorised representatives of Brandt Asie.
  • The replacement of cosmetic components or accessories or accidental damage.
  • Incorrect installation by persons other than authorised representatives of Brandt Asie.

Question : My Brandt product requires servicing, how can I arrange for an appointment?

Response :

If you need any assistance with your product, simply drop us a call at 6508 4639 between Monday to Friday (9am - 5:30pm) and Saturday (9am - 12pm) and our customer service associates will tend to you. 

Alternatively, drop us an email at customercare@groupebrandt.com or sgmarketing@groupebrandt.com - we will reply within 3 working days. 

Question : I don't know how to use my new Brandt appliance - where can I get help?

Response :

Brandt offers a one-time complimentary in-home product training for selected Brandt appliances. More information regarding home demonstrations is available here.

Alternatively, user manuals are available for download on each product page. If you are unable to locate your appliance, contact us via the webform to request for your needed manual. 

Question : Does Brandt provide product installation services?

Response :

Brandt does not provide product installation services. However, to aid you, we have made our product specification sheets available (available online with each product) for your reference. Installation notes are also provided in the product user manual - kindly ensure that the guides are adhered to.

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