Extractor hood Wall-mounted extractor hood

  • wall mounted extractor hood AD1070X
    Wall-mounted extractor hoodAD1070X - Stainless steel

    - Glass and Stainless Steel
    Aesthetik The design of this extraction hood is a veritable object of value since its material creates divine elegance of glass and stainless steel.

    - 3 extraction speeds
    For an adapted use at all kind of preparatory work.

  • Wall-mounted extractor hoodAD1189X - Stainless steel+glas

    Size: 90cm 

    Maximum Airflow: 800 m³/h

    Speed Levels: 3

    Aliuminium Filters: 2

    Available In: Recycling or Evacuation Mode

    Flexible Hose: Not Provided

  • Wall-mounted extractor hoodAD996XC

    Size: 90cm 

    Maximum Airflow: 950 m³/h

    Speed Levels: 3

    Aliuminium Filters: 3

    Available In: Recycling Mode

    Flexible Hose: Provided