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built in steam oven FV1245X

- Care free installation
The water tank is removable so no connection to a water inlet is needed!

Origine France garantie
built in pyrolitic oven FP1067XS

- 6 Position Autoprogram Exclusive

Autoprogram automatically manages all the cooking parameters (temperature, cooking method and cooking time). Select the type of dish, place it in the oven as indicated, and enjoy the final dish. That's it !

Origine France garantie
Brandt Catalytic Oven FC1042XS

Cooking temperature recommendations: The oven suggests the best temperature for each cooking function, a handy feature for even the most experienced of cooks. You can, of course, adjust as required. Full glass inside door The inside door is completely smooth for glass very quick cleaning of spatters.

Origine France garantie
built in enamel oven FE1011XS

- Removable door For easy door cleaning
Easily remove the door by releasing the two hinges that attach it to the oven.

- Pyroclean enamel
The enamel coating of the oven cavity is characterized by a very high resistance to staining and scratching, and its smoothness makes it easy to clean.

Compare up to 3 products