Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango and Gula Melaka

Try out this simple recipe for a little sweet treat by Stephanie Lung!

Serves 4x100ml ramekins l Prep Time 20 minutes l Cooking Time 5 minutes l Chill Time 4-6 hours




200ml coconut cream

240ml whipping cream

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp pandan paste

1 pandan leaf, tie into a knot

1 tbsp gelatin powder



1 large ripe mango, remove skin, dice



50g grated gula melaka

1 tbsp water



- Place the coconut cream, whipping cream, sugar, pandan leaf and paste in a saucepan over low heat. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Watch the mixture closely as it boils over easily.

- Remove from the heat and set aside for 5 minutes to allow the aromatic pandan leaf to infuse. Remove the pandan leaf and discard.

- Add gelatin powder and stir into the warm mixture until gelatin is dissolved. Strain into a jug and pour the mixture into 4 x100ml ramekins or silicon moulds (optional). Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving.

- To make the gula melaka syrup, heat the sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a small pot over medium heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, let cool.

- To serve, loosen the panna cotta from the ramekin sides with a sharp knife. Invert panna cotta onto the serving plates. Divide the diced mangoes amongst the plates. Drizzle with 1 teaspoon (or more) of cooled gula melaka syrup before serving.